Thursday, August 11, 2011

Opposites Attract

Oh... yes they do.  I'm living proof in so many ways!

It's been an interesting week that has included a mental health day where I did nothing but watch some DVR'd TV, lurked around on facebook, and was (negatively) inspired to write a piece in this space on leadership. (you can find it in the side bar if you're interested in reading rants).  I also tangled.  A lot. It was a good day.

This week's guest challenge by Christina (stART) encourages us to use either a curvy string or a straight string and fill it with the opposite tangle patterns.  I loved the challenge so much I jumped right in...and hated both of my first attempts (one of each).  That's what happens when I try to control the outcome of my tiles!  Those two are not included here.  I took a step back and just let the idea of opposites roll around in my head for awhile.  A much better plan...

 I like the first one better...

I discovered something while working on this challenge.  Previously, Diva challenged us to use all straight tangles and then another one we used all curvy ones.  I remarked then that I like the combination of straight and curvy - the yin and yang of using both types in a tile or larger piece. In this challenge, the struggle to stick with one form of tangle became even more apparent even though we were using both curves and angles.  I think it is obvious that parts of the tiles are very contrived - I needed one more of whichever type I was using to finish instead of just flowing with whatever came to me.

So last night during choir practice (shhhh... don't tell my husband, the director) I drew a very swirly string and straight patterns just started filling the spaces.  Except for one.  And I won't point it out but I don't like it and will probably not use it again.  However, I believe we have to stretch and explore areas with which we are not always so comfortable.  So here is "choir practice."

Keep stretching!  Keep tangling!


maggiekat said...

You've been busy this week! I love Everything, of course, but I really think my favorite is the straight line tangle in the first post; especially the Purks!

BlueRidgeWoman said...

Yeah...that was my favorite, too!