Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Challenge #33 Pendrills

I just need to say that my homemade chocolate zucchini bread is to die for!  Ok... now that's out of the way, on to tangling.

This week the challenge is to use a new tangle pattern by Rick and Maria, founders and creators of Zentangle,  I have looked at a lot of the other takes on this design and am in awe of the various ways Pendrills has been used by others.  I'm still not that comfortable with it but I am going to share what I've done anyway.  I wanted to make it stand out in my finished tile...I'm not sure I accomplished that.  Oh well.

I practiced awhile last night with branching off in multiple directions and turning the piece.  I kept ending up with something that looked like a dream catcher... so I drew a dream catcher!  great... I'm having scanning issues.  Maybe dream catchers are like faeries... you can't capture them by camera or scanner, it seems.  If I figure it out, I'll post it later.  Anyway - this is my first attempt at using Pendrills in a tile format

I like parts of it but I like my finished tile better.

I'll post more later when I am feeling less technically frustrated and less disjointed.  Mercury in retrograde seems to be messing with me more than usual!  

Happy tangling!

Oh - here's the best I can do on the dreamcatcher... sigh


Erin said...

I think all these tile are beautiful. Great job!

Shelly Beauch said...

Oh, the dreamcatcher is dreamy!

maggiekat said...

Lovely tiles, dear. And I really like the asymmetry of this dream catcher! KiSSy has a dream catcher over her cradle, and she sleeps Beautifully!

Susan said...

They're all beautiful...don't be so hard on yourself! LOVE the dreamcatcher one!!

Karen Lynn said...

I love the dreamcatcher--perfect use for this tangle. I struggled with this tangle, too, but I think your tiles are great.