Monday, February 27, 2012

Challenge #60 - Duo Tangle v.III Cirquital/Munchin

Wow.  Two tangles I've never used before.  Sometimes I am really not up the challenge of using new tangles or using only one or two specific tangles.  I almost passed on this one.  But then I saw a technique on the Pinterest boards that piqued my interest.  I am including a picture of it here because the visual is better than any explanation I could give:

So, anyway, I was thinking about the challenge and got the idea to use an outline of my hand for the challenge. The original intent was to color it with this technique but I had the forethought to scan it first. 

I printed out a copy and colored it - and hated it.  I thought, "maybe it's because I don't have much of a border around the edges (I used a Strathmore 5x7 Drawing Card)."  So I decided to draw another string, use the same challenge tangle patterns and then color it.  I'm still not fond of the results - and I forgot to scan the black and white version first.  

I understand the concept.  I just didn't achieve the effect I was hoping for. I will keep practicing.  Until then - Happy tangling!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Challenge 59 Update

I got bored tonight so I decided to color my mask.


I like color but I don't usually use it because there's just so much pressure figuring out what color I want to use where.  It's a little easier when I limit it to two or three colors - this time I used the "colors of Mardi Gras" - gold, purple, and green.  I used both Marvy and Tombow markers and played with the blender.  

I really appreciate the nice comments I received on my black and white version.  I have so much fun and one of my challenges is to avoid comparing my work with others.  It's so hard when we have been raised to compete.  It's sort of another part of my Lenten journey this year.

I was going to write about that last night when I posted my black and white Mask.  I was too tired to think but I decided to share tonight if you don't mind.  This year I decided to give up talking about, reading about, thinking about (way harder than I thought) politics.  I did this not as some sort of self denial but as a way give up being angry, disgusted, and frustrated all of the time!  We'll see how this goes.  I'm pretty opinionated and can get pretty darned emotional (which includes screaming at the TV).  It's only day 3 and already I've been tempted and challenged.  But I'm riding the mute button to avoid getting sucked into news stories and I avoid reading anything posted online.  Maybe by Easter I'll either not care anymore or succeed in channeling my anger and frustration into something much more productive!

Tangled blessings to you all!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Laissez les bons temps rouler

Let the good times roll!  I haven't worked on a zentangle inspired art piece this detailed in awhile.  I'm not completely satisfied with it - as always, when I try for a specific outcome it never quite turns out like what's in my head.  But that's ok. I like it anyway.  Since Shrove Tuesday has actually passed and we are now squarely into Lent, I suppose I can give up that need to control this outcome, too.

I was going to write about Lenten  journeys but I'm tired and I wanted to get this posted.  So happy tangling and blessed journeys.

Monday, February 20, 2012

In between challenges

I've been reading a blog lately by Dan Pearce called Single Dad Laughing.  You can find the link over on my favorites list. Dad wrote a post recently called "Who's Life is it Anyway."  I don't think I've ever seen so many comments as the result of a single post - it really hit a nerve with me and, obviously, with a lot of others, too.  Due to the response, he's following up with a series on what happiness - or more accurately - what the choice to be happy means.  I encourage you to read.

After getting some major work on my dissertation proposal done this past week, I am ready to work on the next Diva challenge - Mardi Gras!  I can't wait.  New Orleans is one of my favorite cities.  I'm also doing some more work on my "visioning" ZIA.  So I'll be back...

In the meantime - happy tangling!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Challenge #57 - UMT v. 1 - Sanibel

I realize that my post for Diva's challenge is nearly last minute. It has been a full-moon sort of crazy week. It started last Sunday when I found out that a dear friend's 12 month old grandchild died suddenly in a choking accident. I struggled all week with the thoughts of losing a child - no matter what the circumstances or age of the child. Today I was able to finally sit down with my soul-brother (Shane's step-grandfather) and spend some time - sharing, crying, venting, and even laughing. It really did my heart good to see him. I hope I was a blessing to him, too.

Before I went to meet Tom, I wanted to create something tangible to remind him that I was thinking of his family. I had bought some "drawing cards" today on a whim so I started tangling using the grandchild's initials as my string. I was able to include several "S" patterns, including Sanibel, for Shane and several "T" patterns for Tom and Tita (Tom's beautiful lady and Shane's grandmother). It felt good to draw while holding this family in my heart. Inside, I included a poem by John O'Donahue. Fra. O'Donahue was an Irish Catholic Priest who died too soon but who left some of the most beautiful words behind to comfort and bless us. I share the poem below. I hope and pray that you who may read this will never, ever experience this kind of tragic loss. Yet, I hope that you will find blessing and peace in these words.

For a Parent on the Death of a Child

No one knows the wonder
Your child awoke in you,
Your heart a perfect cradle
To hold its presence.
Inside and outside became one
As new waves of love
Kept surprising your soul.

Now you sit bereft
Inside a nightmare,
Your eyes numbed
By the sight of a grave
No parent should ever see.

You will wear this absence
Like a secret locket,
Always wondering why
Such a new soul
Was taken home so soon.

Let the silent tears flow
And when your eyes clear
Perhaps you will glimpse
How your eternal child
Has become the unseen angel
Who parents your heart
And persuades the moon
To send new gifts ashore.
~ John O’Donohue ~
(To Bless the Space Between Us)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Challenge #56 Non Dom v2

Back in the Spring, Diva challenged us to use our non-dominant hand to create a tile or Zentangle inspired art piece.  Once again, we are challenged to create a complete tile using only our non-dominant hand. For me - it's my left hand.  I can actually write a little with my left hand.  It comes from years of self-preservation - my mother was a leftie and if I sat on the wrong side of her at dinner we'd clash elbows!  Anyway - drawing is a little trickier.  I found that despite my best efforts (that would be with brows furrowed and tongue sticking out) my hand would shoot off in odd directions spasmodically.  It was actually pretty funny.  Interestingly, I seemed to only be able to work from left to right.  When I use my right hand I am not that "linear."

I tend to tangle when I need to focus.  If I have to sit and listen, I find that tangling helps me focus and absorb what I am learning.  I discovered that tangling with my non-dominant hand interfered with my auditory processing.  I was listening to a lecture online this week and, as usual,  found my attention wandering. I figured that I'd work on the challenge to help me focus... uhm... yeah... not so much.  I had to stop so I could "tune back in" to the lecture.  I suppose it has to do with dominant hemisphericity.  Hmmm...that could be an interesting study someday.

Happy whole-brained tangling!