Friday, February 24, 2012

Challenge 59 Update

I got bored tonight so I decided to color my mask.


I like color but I don't usually use it because there's just so much pressure figuring out what color I want to use where.  It's a little easier when I limit it to two or three colors - this time I used the "colors of Mardi Gras" - gold, purple, and green.  I used both Marvy and Tombow markers and played with the blender.  

I really appreciate the nice comments I received on my black and white version.  I have so much fun and one of my challenges is to avoid comparing my work with others.  It's so hard when we have been raised to compete.  It's sort of another part of my Lenten journey this year.

I was going to write about that last night when I posted my black and white Mask.  I was too tired to think but I decided to share tonight if you don't mind.  This year I decided to give up talking about, reading about, thinking about (way harder than I thought) politics.  I did this not as some sort of self denial but as a way give up being angry, disgusted, and frustrated all of the time!  We'll see how this goes.  I'm pretty opinionated and can get pretty darned emotional (which includes screaming at the TV).  It's only day 3 and already I've been tempted and challenged.  But I'm riding the mute button to avoid getting sucked into news stories and I avoid reading anything posted online.  Maybe by Easter I'll either not care anymore or succeed in channeling my anger and frustration into something much more productive!

Tangled blessings to you all!


Tracy Feldman, painter said...

Love your mask and the colors are perfect.

ledenzer said...
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Karen Lynn said...

Your mask is just beautiful! Good luck with your Lenten challenge.

Sue said...

I loved your black and white mask, but after seeing it colored - WOW! Stunning, stunning, stunning!

Dianne said...

I love your colored version; it makes it look more 'grand!'
I completely agree about politics; it makes me angry, too. I had to cut way back on my viewing and listening. Good luck to you!:)