Monday, September 24, 2007


So much has transpired in a seemingly short amount of time. Under the heading of "Be careful what you ask for..." we are definitely moving. It's a bittersweet answer to a prayer. With every new adventure comes the closure of the old one - and that means leaving what's familiar and known (even if it's not always comfortable) and running headlong towards insecurity and change. I like to think I've always been a "champion for change" so you'd think I'd be jumping up and down. Well... in some ways I am turning cartwheels and skipping and singing and having a fit of the giggles... unfortunately, I am also feeling the stress of "ok... what now?" I want evey major decision to come with a how-to kit and idiot-proof instructions! I want it to come nicely packaged with a neat little bow and a note that says all the details are done. My son wrote in his blog that when we, his parents, make up our minds to do something then it's done. Oh, how I wish it were that easy!! I truly wish that we could just make the change already and not have all the subsequent decisions and times of uncertainty ahead.

That said - this is SO exciting! We are going home!!!! Well, close enough, anyway. I can't believe it has finally come. God is SO good! God is in the details. I do believe that. So, for now, I have to practice what I believe - that home, work for me, school concerns, et al. - all is taken care of; all is being provided to us even as I type this.

A few more pieces of the puzzle are in place... and I think I'm going to really like the finished picture!

Be blessed!

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