Saturday, October 6, 2007


So in the space of about 2 hours I managed to throw out approximately 10 years or more of my life! Actually - I shredded most of those years until I broke the shredder! I might not have taken on this task today, but since we're moving, it has to be done...

Clearing out clutter is daunting but necessary if we are to keep focused on priorities. Sometimes the clutter is just "stuff" accumulated over years of living. Sometimes, the clutter in our lives represents old hurts, past indescretions for which we have trouble forgiving ourselves or others, old relationships of which it is long past time to let go. Looking at the garbage I tossed, I remembered debts, purchases, material stuff that didn't really matter that I try not to regret. Yet also in the rubble were sweet memories - checks for various childcare, school fundraisers, music and dance lessons - that represented my children's early years of life. Just because I shredded all of those too-long-held-onto checks, the memories cannot be erased.

It's good to clear out clutter - even when we're not forced to by circumstances. The space on the floor under the desk that once held the box of old checks is clear. The space in my heart now devoid of a lot of junk is too! How I choose to refill those spaces is mine. And it feels really good!

Be blessed!

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