Friday, August 31, 2007


I like the word "synchronous." It describes that merging or meeting of seemingly disparate forces much like "coincidence" does, yet it definitely sounds more...hmmm...I don't know - grown up? And "accident" has such a negative connotation about it, doesn't it? The latter makes me think of either an impact to my auto insurance or a poop-y diaper. Either way, it's not good. If you are a believer of "The Secret" then, by the laws of attraction, everything that comes to us is drawn to us by the energy we emit. Coincidences are accidental occurrences by definition. In some ways, so are synchronous events given that occurrences happen at the same time, but there seems to be more of an intention that comes from somewhere about life being in "sync." Ok... I hear you... "So what," you ask? "What's with the English 101 lesson." "Sounds a little too 'new-agey' to me."

Despite how "new-agey" this may sound to some, I believe that when we become intentional about our discernment process - you know...really praying and studying about what God intends for our lives - that seemingly unrelated, accidental or coincidental things begin to happen. As soon as we begin to pay attention it feels as if there is a massive jigsaw puzzle called "life" out there and we're watching a master putting it together in front of us - with little to no assistance from us whatsoever, I might add. Yet it isn't as if it's all being orchestrated against our will. Maybe it's more like holding a kaleidoscope - the slightest turn will change the picture. We control how much or often we make the turns, but the pieces that are always there make new and beautiful pictures no matter what. We might like some more than others (which is why we keep turning, I guess) and some we like to preserve as long as possible.

The interesting thing is when the desire comes to turn the tube at a time when you thought you were content with the picture of the moment. That's what this summer has been like for me. Now I have to admit that some of the "turns in my tube," so-to-speak, have been the result of bumping the kaleidoscope accidentally. Or was it an accident? See... that's what I mean. ARGH... it boggles the mind to try to work this out logically. Nothing about this puzzle seems to make logical sense. But it surely makes sense in a synchronous way. And it makes me smile - you know the one... the Cheshire Cat sort of smile that makes everyone wonder what the heck you're up to? I guess the only real way to describe it is that "aha" moment when you finally, truly understand something you've be struggling to learn. Once understood you can't unlearn it. You can never go back to ignorance.

So I guess there's a warning in that somewhere. If you don't want your kaleidoscope's picture to change; if you don't want to find more puzzle pieces then don't ask. For it is written..."Ask and it WILL be given to you. Seek and you WILL find." What is more intentional than that assurance? It's not a 'secret' at all. And trust me... it won't be when you think you're ready, either. It will come in God's own sweetly divine right time! That will be no accident. Or coincidence. It will be beautifully synchronous - the words and music of your life will be aligned perfectly.

Be blessed.

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