Wednesday, July 13, 2011

String Theories (Challenges 29 and 30)

So... I am behind in posting my offerings for the past two weeks' challenges. I wish I could say it's because I've been diligently working on my dissertation but that would be a big, fat fabrication! I really have to buckle down and start working on that. For now, while I wait for inspiration, motivation, mojo, or kick in the pants I will keep tangling!

The first tangle is my take on challenge #30 for which we were asked to use our first and last initials in block or script. Since my first and last are the same, I decided to use one block and one script. I kind of like what I ended up with:

The next are my offerings for challenge #29 which used a real string (or my interpretation of a string) that was weighted. For my weights I used two of my favorite objects: a sodalite pendulum and a double butterfly pendant.

Here's what I ended up with for #29. The first two used the pendulum and the last one used the butterfly/heart necklace:

My next adventure will be using the black tiles! I'm a little intimidated...


maggiekat said...

Lovely, dear! And "Don't be afraid of the Dark!"
The black tiles are Fun!

stART said...

Great challenge responses! The artwork is great and isn`t Zentangle the perfect way to achieve a time and place of peace.