Monday, July 25, 2011

Conflicted, Cynical, and Completely

over it.  The  economy slugfest, I mean.  I don't want to see services and programs that I feel are important - especially for the people I serve - cut to shreds.  I don't want Medicare to be reduced.  The elderly and indigent will be the most effected by the cuts.  I don't want taxes raised, either, because we all know that the big boys will pass their pain right on down to us serfs.  We are thirled, friends.  We have a metal band around out necks and we will never be free as long as there are those in power who can hold a budget and an economy hostage, all the while spinning it to look like one man - one lone man - is solely responsible for the cesspool in which we are swimming.  I not-so-jokingly said that I'm looking at real estate in New Zealand.  I don't want to be driving out of my country.  But how long will it take for people to wake up and stop drinking the koolaid?  They seem to think that because someone has money and gets elected to one of the highest offices in the nation that somehow that elected official actually cares about the "little guy."  They sit at the feet of the exalted like some puppy waiting for the master to drop a morsel.  They keep coming back for more even though that same master beats them, neglects them, and, generally, doesn't even like them!  One of the saddest things to me is that the older folks who align with the Republicans' POV are scared so they align themselves with the ones who say all the right things.  Just like the German people who bought into Hitler's BS.  Just like those who followed Jim Jones to the island of oblivion.  Blind obedience, blind trust.

Is the President's plan perfect?  No. There is no such thing anymore.  Is it painful?  Of course.  You play, you pay.  But is it doable?  I don't know... but those who do know are so scared he's right that they will do anything - including destroying our economy - to avoid admitting he has something valuable to offer.

Sorry for all of  the negativity.  I'm going to leave now and tangle for awhile and try to find my Qi again.  I am going to read some ACIM, Marianne Williamson, and Louise Hay.  I'm going to find that spark of inner peace that lets me go to work tomorrow and try to help my clients find hope to change their lives for the better and try to believe it myself.

I am going to pray for my President and for all of the elected officials.  I am going to visualize them coming to the table with one goal in mind - finding a SOLUTION that may compromise some party rhetoric but that provides the best options for those of us who elected them.

Tomorrow - I'll post the fruits of my tangling.  For now -- it's watching escapist TV.

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