Friday, March 30, 2012

Challenge 64 and other random tangles

Happy Friday on this next to the last day of March.  I am the Diva's challenge this week is for everyone to use the same string - 8 (quasi) special right triangles (one 90º and two 45º angles).  I was sitting in an all-day training this week when I created my tiles.  I've said before that Zentangle helps me focus and opens my auditory processing so I can retain more of what's being said.  Therefore, I didn't pay a lot of attention to what I was drawing.

The top one was done on an actual tile and the other two in my sketchbook.  Of course, at some point (after lunch) I just started tangling on a random string in my sketchbook (which for some reason only scanned as a portion:

I had to take a picture of it and resave to get the whole thing:

Uhm.... no matter how I turn it it looks a little phallic.  Oh well... probably had something to do with the lecture on how psychotropic medications effect the body...  :-)

I'm looking forward to my grandson's visit this weekend.  It will be a wonderful whirlwind of 2-yr-old activity here.  I hope everyone has a weekend that is filled with your favorite things to do, too!

Happy tangling!


ledenzer said...

Beautiful tiles!

Connie said...

Great! Very imaginative. I love the second one, especially the patterns in the left upper corner.