Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm back! Challenge 48

After a few weeks' hiatus, I finally completed one of Diva's challenges to post!  Yea.  Actually, I did two.  Last Monday I was waiting for my friend while she completed some routine health exams.  I had drawn the tri-shapes string but had no resources with me to try out tangle patterns I'd never used.  So... the first one uses patterns I seem to use all of the time - Flux, Florz, Knightsbridge, Cadent, Purk, etc.

I came back home after a long weekend with my friends and helping my daughter's family move and
decided I would try the string again following Diva's challenge - use tangles I have not used before.  That was a pretty difficult task.  Even though I don't use a lot of them all of the time I have played with most that I have found in my books and on Linda Farmer's Tangle Patterns site.  I used a few that I will probably use more often and some - well - maybe I just need to practice a bit more!

In case you're interested - the tangles I used are: BB, Bilt, Bitten, Bumps, Demi, Florez, Gothic, Hepmee, Japonica, Popsicles, Punch, Unyuns, and Wisket.


Dil Se said...

Your choice of fonts in your blog sets you apart, and I was wondering where was it lost?

Now that you are back, we will be able to see and acknowledge your presence.

Thanks for your comments on my blog. They are meaningful, and I welcome others to also put on their thinking caps and examine what price are they paying to remain 'independent. It is a thought provoking question:-)


Sue Clark said...

Both are very nice! Thanks for joining in the challenge.