Thursday, October 20, 2011

All Tangled Up Inside (Challenge 44)

I missed last posting last week's challenge. I did it... it just took me a week.  I loved the concept of the sunflower, though, and I love this week's challenge to put a tangle inside a tangle.  For my "string-tangle" I chose Flux.  I seem to put this tangle in nearly every tile I draw so it's fitting, I think, to use it as my string.

The tangles inside the "petals" are: Betweed, Meer, Pepper w/ Mumsy, Florz w/ Squid, and Cadent.  This is the first time I've used Meer and Pepper.  Between the petals are Oof, Keenies, Limpitz, and Printemps topped off with Pendrils and Pokeroot.

Now - off for my weekend with my dear Maggiekat and precious Noah (and of course his mommy and uncle!) Maybe between challenges I'll blog about some of the changes happening in our family but for now -

Happy Tangling!


Tricia, CZT said...

Wow! That's a lot of tangles within this string... but it all looks so great together! Nicely done.

barbara and nancy said...

Very nice!

Hazel said...

Really elegant.

Erin said...

Beautiful tile!

Connie said...

How beautiful! I love it!

P.S.: I have no Blog or other web side by now. Try to build one but I am so slow :-(