Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kiss my grids!

This is the 37th challenge from "I am Diva" and it's a doozie: create a tile using only grid patterns.  I jumped right in and thought, "I got this."

First lesson learned - don't make your string so elaborate.

Second lesson learned:  tiles have a way of turning out the way they are supposed to - not how you plan them to (kind of like life).

This one was sort of a tile-in-tile look - not exactly what I was going for... but oh well.

Then I had a vision of a cracked wall with a pattern peeking out from underneath.  Yeah... well... I guess it looks sort of like peeled back wallpaper but I was a little happier with this one.
So - then I decided to try simplifying my string AND just letting the patterns find their own place... Still not very satisfied but I like this one better:

Of course - the true challenge is to take a risk, put something out there, and have fun doing it. - to unconditionally accept the effort without judgment.  Another metaphor for life, maybe?

Oh.... one more thing.  a couple of posts ago I wrote that I did challenge #35 but that I wasn't going to beat myself up for not getting it posted in time.  I figured this was as good a place/time as any to post it:

#35 Tile in a Tile
Now I need to rest up.  My little bug is here for the weekend.  I'm going to need all of the energy I can get!

Worn out from playing with Poppa!

Happy tangling - and happy Labor Day!


Daniele OBrien Design said...

Wow, talk about stimulation! Great job, your shading and depth is great, plaids away!

Karen Lynn said...

Oh my. So many wonderful tiles. I love the wallpaper one, and the one that looks like a notebook, and the fourth one--actually, all of them. Great job.

Erin said...

All these tiles are beautiful but I especially like the one with the "cracked wall". So cool.

Judi said...

Yep, I think they're all great, but the one with the cracked wall is my favorite, too. I seem to be into 3D tangles lately and yours is fantastic!

Tinkered Art said...

Oh wow - so many tiles to admire - thanks for the feast.