Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So what else do you do at 3am

besides sleep, that is?

When my phone rings after midnight it is never a good sign. My daughter's first words were, "I'm not upset. I'm sick." Well, that got me out of bed. As she described her symptoms, I was typing them into a symptom checker - the everyman's self-diagnosis tool! After typing them in about 20 possible problems popped up - and three of them said, "seek immediate medical attention!" Since we live 2 hours apart we had to call on her brother to take her to the ER.

So, it's now 3:40 am on a work night. I've redesigned my blog layout about 6 times. I've played 7 or 9 games of Scrabble and 3 games of online Jeopardy. Of course I'm not going to sleep. I've had three updates so far: registering, waiting room, and the latest - moved to the inner waiting room where, quoting my son, "there are more machines and less TV - that must mean progress!"

I suppose I could have started working on my dissertation proposal... nah - not enough brain cells working at this time of night. Or I could have cleaned out my junk drawer... nah - too noisy. I guess I'll just sit here although I am getting sleepy...

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