Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Updates on life...

Good grief... has it really been nearly 2 months since I last wrote on this space? Time flies when you move across the country, I guess. New job, new church, new community - so much to learn.

Although I still feel like the move was absolutely the right thing to do and divinely led, it has been an adjustment - and not always pleasant. I knew I'd miss being away from my kids, my routines and life-in-general, but who knew how much I'd miss Queen Bean (or at least the availability of Starbucks on every corner) and Target!?! That's pretty sad, really. There are some positive replacements, tho' and I really do enjoy coming home each evening. Especially on a day like today - warm, slightly humid - quiet.

I've even been cooking dinner at least two nights per week! Wow - who the heck am I?

Ok... so nothing more existential than that tonight. I guess I should be more profound - just can't seem to think of anything that I'm burning to post. I suppose I'm just content to sit here, rocking on my metephoric front porch and watch the world go by.

Catch you later!

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Caleb said...

I find it odd that we do such similar things so often. Stop copying me! Or I suppose I should stop copying you.

Go to the art gallery more, that place was amazing.