Thursday, March 29, 2007

Say "Yes"

I don't believe in coincidences. But I know that there are synchronicities in life: a message in a devotional that just "fits;" a phone call from a friend about whom you've just been thinking; the letter with a rebate check for $50 at the same time you receive an unexpected bill. Take today, for instance. My horoscope (yes, I read it every day - for entertainment) always includes a "tonight:" section. Today this part said, "Say 'yes!'" Ok... given some things I've been contemplating lately, that was slightly amusing. Then I get into my car to head to work and the first song I heard on the radio (a song I've never heard before) was called, "Say yes!" Well... now you have my attention. Twice! - the same message twice in less than half of an hour. So I waited all day for the opportunity - the nudge - to come along to which I could say "yes." The blinding flash sort of moment never came. And then I realized... I'd said "yes" to quite a number of things today - seemingly insignificant to those outside my world, but to my family, the kids with whom I work, and my colleagues maybe not so insignificant. We say "yes" everyday to our call to be good citizens, good parents, good friends. We say "yes" to one thing when maybe that means we have to say "no" to something else. That also happened today.

So, tomorrow I'll start all over again looking for those moments of serendipity - those synchronous moments that make me smile. I wish for you those moments, too.

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